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Crocks have for decades been a multi-functional tool used in the preservation of vegetables through the pickling process, for the production of sauerkraut, as versatile storage containers and as decorator items for that warm "country" feeling. 

Whatever your crock need is, plain or "deep etched" we hope to be your choice of suppliers.

"Ohio Stoneware" Crock Features:

  • Our crocks are made in the United States of America!
  • Our crocks utilize lead free glazes and are easy to clean.
  • Our crocks are safe for use in conventional and microwave.
  • Our crocks are dishwasher safe.
  • With proper care, your crock will last forever.

The "deep etch" technique we use is unique to Backwoods Crocks:  

Although our etching process was first developed for crocks, our craftsmen have skillfully carried their talents into the personalization of stone, stoneware, brick, ceramic & glass products.  Now you can give personalized gift that will be remembered and yes, it will be on the planet forever. 

Standard etching products:

Stock items include, but are not limited to crocks (2 quart, 1 & 2 gallon at this time), bricks, river rocks, large garden rocks, pet bowls, ceramic tiles and mirror tiles.  All items are easily shipped with the possible exception of our large garden rocks, generally reserved for pick up only at our Southern Illinois facility.

Our most common requests:

Events that deserve lasting reminders might include: weddings, major anniversaries, milestone birthdays, a well-deserved retirement, a themed hobby design, garden stone markers, maybe a corporate logo item for your clients or a memorial stone for a pet that is no longer with you - the inscriptions, designs and uses are infinite. 

Totally Custom:

We welcome the opportunity to work with you on special projects you would like to explore.  The most common request here is for "memorial" brick projects, commonly used to raise funds for community projects.  A simple email will get us started working with you to achieve the goal you have established for your project. 

Featured products
Picture of "Deep-Etch" Personalized Bricks

"Deep-Etch" Personalized Bricks

Personalized bricks are commonly used in...


Picture of "Deep-Etch" Personalized Crocks

"Deep-Etch" Personalized Crocks

Crocks are certainly multi functional, from the...

From $48.99

Picture of "Deep-Etch" Personalized Crocks

"Deep-Etch" Personalized Crocks

Crocks are certainly multi functional, from the...

From $48.99